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    22 Tips To Transform Yourself Into A Full-Blown Floridian

    Do all these things and you'll fit right in.

    1. No matter what kind of weather is predicted for the day, always wear flip-flops.

    2. Although if you need to wear socks with your sandals, make sure they're fashionable.

    @michaellgoodwin I didn't know they made socks specifically for #FloridaProblems

    3. And don’t forget to wear at least 10 layers when it gets below 70 degrees.

    Judy Baxter / CC / Via Flickr: judybaxter

    4. Even in the summer, bring an extra sweater and gloves because the AC is always in full force.

    5. Make sure you own more bathing suits than actual clothing.

    6. Never hold back on your passion for college football.

    7. Attempt to raise an exotic pet, preferably one of the gators from your backyard.

    8. Have an annual pass to either Disney World or Universal Orlando.

    9. Waste all of your savings at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

    10. Try to eat a sacred Publix sub once a day.

    11. And drink Publix sweet tea with every meal.

    12. Laugh hysterically at every Florida man joke you hear.

    Florida Man Calls 911 After Playstation Stops Working |

    13. Always try to impress everyone by briefly mentioning how you've seen at least one space shuttle launch.

    Matthew Simantov / CC / Via Flickr: msimdottv

    14. Don’t forget to brag about experiencing a hurricane.

    15. Never complain about the summer weather ruining your beach day.

    joiseyshowaa / CC / Via Flickr: joiseyshowaa

    The rain is only going to last five minutes.

    16. Don't let the infamous humidity embarrass you.


    Embrace the sweat beads.

    17. Douse yourself in mosquito repellant every time you leave the house to avoid getting eaten alive.

    18. Grow oranges in your backyard so you can savor the taste of the official state beverage.

    19. Learn how to make your own fake snow during Christmastime.

    20. As soon as you cross the state border, never use your blinker to indicate you're changing lanes.

    21. Customize your golf carts according to your level of national pride.

    22. And no matter the season, always park in the shadiest spot you can find to avoid a burning hot steering wheel.

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