21 Times The Food On "Hannibal" Made You Want To Be A Cannibal

    Guess who's coming to dinner.

    Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a renowned psychologist and known for cooking up quite a storm... we should also point out that he's a cannibal.

    Yes, the food is mouth-watering, but by the time we're done watching each episode we can't help but wonder if we're also cannibals.

    1. It all begins when Hannibal prepares this intense plate of Lung and Loin Bourguignonne.

    2. And when he cooks up some eggs and sausages for breakfast.

    That sausage was someone's thigh. Just think about that for a minute.

    3. But what about this?

    4. Well, whatever this is, it looks delicious.

    5. Seriously, you're never going to look at sausages the same ever again.

    6. Many people don't know what Foie Gras Au Torchon is but doesn't the dish look superb?

    I'll tell you what's in it though... SOMEONE'S DEAD BODY.

    7. This dish also has a fancy French name: "Langues D’Agneau En Papillotte."

    French translation: There are human parts in this dish.

    8. Mind-blowing presentation, Hannibal.

    9. But... the bacon.

    Have you seen Lecter's cellar? There are no pigs down there. Only humans.

    10. That dessert is to die for though!

    The only thing on that plate that isn't human is probably the fruit.

    11. There's even a vegetarian dish.

    12. That Kudal with coriander cheese sauce is making us all hungry, Hannibal.

    Something tells me that's not really sheep in the curry... RIP so many people.

    13. There’s nothing like some homemade black chicken soup to make you feel better.

    Human biceps are also known to cure common colds. Dr. Lecter always recommends it.

    14. What a scrumptious array of meats Hannibal has displayed for us.

    It's all fun and games until you discover those are actually elbows.

    15. If you're thinking, "Gee, that looks like a human tongue," it probably is.

    When in doubt, it's certainly human.

    16. Wow, the fish looks so fresh! Almost like Hannibal just caught it.

    I'm afraid even the fish are human. How? Who knows. At this point it's surprising how Hannibal hasn't written a tell-all cookbook yet.

    17. And here Hannibal continues to impress us with more food porn by making some Osso Bucco.

    Just letting it boil in some human juice, the usual.

    18. OK, this is really getting out of hand. That soul food is seriously on point.

    If you’re into eating… you know… people's lungs and stuff.

    “And why wouldn’t you be?” – Hannibal

    19. Hannibal Lecter even takes on Sweeney Todd's famous meat pies.

    20. Ah… and here are some delectable looking appetizers.

    21. That appears to be one hell of a delicious roast.

    The next time you come over to Hannibal's for dinner, don't forget to ask who's on the menu.