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24 Things That Seemed Really Cool To '00s Kids

What's your a/s/l?

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1. Covering your backpack with select tunes from all of the Hit Clips keychains you owned.

2. Blowing up your allowance at Hot Topic to buy edgy new jewelry and T-shirts.

3. Making sick cover designs for all of your mix CDs.

4. Riding your Razor scooter to school every day and showing off your hot wheels to all your classmates.

5. Voting for your favorite music video so it would be featured on TRL.

6. Creating a new AIM screen name at least once a month reflecting your current mood.

7. Setting the most hilarious AIM away messages for your friends when you left your computer.

8. Taking first-rate selfies on your Sidekick from different angles and uploading them all to MySpace.

9. Bringing your iPod to school and making all of your friends jealous because they still carried around a Discman.

10. Staying up to the wee hours of the morning playing Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire on your beloved Game Boy Advance.

11. Popping your collar because Usher said it was a great way to ward off the haters.

12. Obsessing over your MySpace Top 8 and constantly checking back for new messages or friend requests.

13. Pouring your soul into your Xanga page and living dangerously knowing your crush had access to your online diary.

14. Obsessively taking care of your Neopet.


15. Copying all of Lizzie Mcguire's fashion choices from head to toe.


16. Playing Snake II on your phone during class.

17. Treating your CDs like prized possessions as you organized them all into a fancy protective case.

18. Dressing up like your favorite Harry Potter character and waiting in line for hours for the new books.

Lisa Maree Williams / Via Getty

19. Practicing your moves on Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution so you could destroy your friends.


20. Designing wall collages of all the celebrity pictures you cut out from your favorite teen mags.

Image via ztams

Image via ztams

Image via ztams

Image via ztams

21. Making a point to wear Uggs with everything, even though it was the middle of summer.

UGG Australia / Via

22. Choosing a Von Dutch hat as your go-to fashion accessory.

23. Skating around the mall after school in your Heelys.

24. And covering your wrists with an ungodly amount of gel bracelets.

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