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    23 Reasons You Should Never Visit Middle-Earth

    It's totally overrated. WTF was Frodo even thinking?

    1. Many people are quick to believe that Middle-earth is a majestic place.

    2. But TBH, it's pretty mediocre.

    3. In fact, the entire location is practically run-down.

    4. Even the grass is dry and dying.

    5. The architecture includes some of the most boring creations in the universe.

    6. The designs of these columns are lackluster at best.

    7. It looks like little to no effort was put into the structures.

    8. The great halls are the complete opposite of royal.

    9. Seriously, you call this a dwelling?

    10. You wouldn't want to hold your valuables in a place like this.

    11. Biggest disadvantage? The mundane towns.

    12. Snooze alert.

    13. No one would want to live here.

    14. The food is nonexistent and everyone is always starving.

    15. There's just nothing remotely magical about Middle-earth.

    16. Nearly all of the creatures are unfriendly.

    17. If you expect anything exciting to happen in these forests, think again.

    18. Would you want to go on a midnight walk here? Nope.

    19. The landscapes might bore you to death.

    20. The views from the top of this rock probably suck.

    21. And this view is the biggest tragedy of all.

    22. Yeah, there's definitely nothing important to see here.

    23. Honestly, why would anyone ever dream of visiting Middle-earth?