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25 Signs From The Gender Equality March In NYC

"Gender equality is the bee's knees!"

During International Women’s Day, thousands of men and women met in Manhattan for the Gender Equality March. Here are some of the signs those people carried:

1. "You are so much stronger than you think."

2. "I look perfect, no improvement necessary!"

3. "It's not a dirty word."

4. "Caution: women crossing the line."

Melissa Blackerby / Via ECPAT-USA

5. "Women's rights are human rights."

6. "When women are liberated, men will be free."

7. "Gender equality is the bee's knees!"

8. "Bitches get stuff done."

9. "Human rights."

10. "End it now."

11. "Stop the violence."

12. "A real man is a #HeForShe."

13. "Women rule!"

14. "There is no peace without women."

15. "Do I look old enough?"

16. "Older women young at heart."

17. "Stop it now!"

18. "Empowering women since 1949."

19. "Older women rights for all."

20. "Step it up!"

21. "Trust me."

22. "Female = Male."

Melissa Blackerby / Via ECPAT-USA

23. "No limits for girls!"

Melissa Blackerby / Via ECPAT-USA

24. "A woman's place is everywhere."

Melissa Blackerby / Via ECPAT-USA

25. "I am more than my body."

Melissa Blackerby / Via ECPAT-USA

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