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22 Reasons You Should Only Drink Wine Out Of A Box

#franziafriday, anyone?

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8. Also, it's totally beach-friendly, bruh.

Safely keeps out sand, unlike your shorts.

10. Serving it on tap classes up any bar.

Proudly serving "craft" wine.

11. Need more room in the fridge? Problem solved.

Now you can buy even more boxed wine!


14. You can finally cut out the middle man: wine glasses.

"Look, Mom! No hands!"


17. If you finished the box(es), feel free to make a fort.

Greetings from Fort Franzia!

18. Then at bedtime, use it as a pillow.

19. In the morning, the empty bag will make a perfect ice pack.

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America's Test Kitchen / Via

Pairs nicely with two aspirins and some Pepto.


20. Seriously though, your DIY game will reach a whole new level.

Take THAT Martha Stewart.

21. Come Halloween, you've got a costume ready to go.

They don't sell this in stores.

22. And they make heart-swooning props.