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22 Reasons You Should Only Drink Wine Out Of A Box

#franziafriday, anyone?

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1. Literally anyone can afford it.

AMC / Via

Only $5.99 for one box? I'll take four, thank you.

2. Or just use the ol' five finger discount.

FX / Via

3. Plus, you're helping the environment.

PBS / Via

Boxed wine is in lighter packaging than bottled wine, and helps produce less carbon-dioxide emissions when being transported. You're welcome, planet earth.

4. Even your favorite talk show hosts endorse boxed wine.

They're just like us!
NBC / Via

They're just like us!

5. You can conveniently work out those biceps from the comfort of your own home.

Party time now equals weight lifting time.

6. One box holds a ridiculous amount of wine.

oldepayphone / Via

We're talking five bottles here, and sometimes more. #bless

7. Game changer: juice box sizes.


8. Also, it's totally beach-friendly, bruh.

Safely keeps out sand, unlike your shorts.

9. Bottles might fit in a purse, but only boxes turn into one.

You know, for discreet public intoxication.
MENU / Via

You know, for discreet public intoxication.

10. Serving it on tap classes up any bar.

Proudly serving "craft" wine.

11. Need more room in the fridge? Problem solved.

Now you can buy even more boxed wine!

12. It's so much easier to open. So. Much. Easier.

studentsVille Italy / Via

Never embarrass yourself again trying to open a wine bottle at a party.

13. If you're clumsy, don't worry, boxed wine has you covered.

IceManNCSU / Via

There's no such thing as a broken box.

14. You can finally cut out the middle man: wine glasses.

"Look, Mom! No hands!"

15. Which means there's no need to run that janky dishwasher tonight.

Chris Gerondakis / Via


16. Did we mention boxed wine will stay fresh for up to six to eight weeks after opening?

NBC / Via

You don't have to feel pressured anymore to down five plus bottles in one night.

17. If you finished the box(es), feel free to make a fort.

Greetings from Fort Franzia!

18. Then at bedtime, use it as a pillow.

19. In the morning, the empty bag will make a perfect ice pack.

View this video on YouTube

America's Test Kitchen / Via

Pairs nicely with two aspirins and some Pepto.

20. Seriously though, your DIY game will reach a whole new level.

Take THAT Martha Stewart.

21. Come Halloween, you've got a costume ready to go.

They don't sell this in stores.

22. And they make heart-swooning props.

But best of all, you've got a new toy for your cat.

Jim Metcalf / Via

They'll thank you later, or never, cause you know... cats.

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