25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Greece

    Nope, might as well stay home.

    1. Some people seem to believe that Greece is a beautiful place.

    2. And that they have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    3. But this makes no sense...

    4. ... Because in reality, their beaches are average at best.

    5. The water is so dirty you can't even see the dolphins swimming through it.

    6. Greece just isn't full of luscious greenery.

    7. And the whole country is overpopulated.

    8. Everything is incredibly hectic ALL the time.

    9. It's not like the country even has any history.

    10. Nothing EVER happened there.

    11. Nice try, but the architecture is unoriginal.

    12. There is nothing remotely historic about any of these "old" buildings.

    13. And Athens isn't really that special.

    14. The museums are disappointing.

    15. The art itself is definitely uninspiring.

    16. The Greek salad is totally overrated.

    17. And who would eat this gyro?

    18. There's no sign of culture or religion anywhere in this country.

    19. You call that iconography? Greece, please.

    20. But really, are these views satisfying to you?

    21. What about this?

    22. Yeah, definitely not.

    23. Those sunsets are so boring.

    24. This view is just screaming mediocrity.

    25. Seriously though, why would anyone want to visit Greece?