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14 Reasons Alan Rickman Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

Let the swooning commence!

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1. His killer smile would be enough to get you through any day.

Peter Kramer / Via Getty

"Gather around, everyone! Come and see how ridiculously good looking I am! Don't be alarmed, there are medical personnel standing by in case anyone faints due to my unavoidable charm." -- Alan Rickman

3. He would always be there to recite the best poetry when you're feeling down.

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Pandastic Me / Via YouTube

"Is... is that... Shakespeare? Dear... Lord..."

4. On rare occasions, you could even get Alan to sing special songs for you.

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The Samuel Goldwyn Company / Via YouTube

He may not have the best singing voice but him + that mustache + the instrument + the serenade offers IMMEDIATE swooning. How can you resist?


5. We should also mention that he's well versed in different languages, which means he can take you with him to exotic locations.

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VaryuPon / Via YouTube

I'm sorry? Was that French? Can you repeat that? Please? A little closer next time.


9. His sense of humor would always keep you laughing even on the worst days.

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Warner Bros. / Via YouTube

Delicious wit is a must.

11. On the weekends you could do fun things together around the city, like watch a tennis match!

Dennis Grombkowski / Via Getty Images

Just think about all the intellectual conversations you'll have while relaxing.


14. And finally, you would get the pleasure of being best friends with a few of his celebrity pals.

Leonard Adam / Via Getty Images

NBD, just spending quality time with Kate Winslet. How's your day going?