23 Things You Should Never Say To A Floridian

    "Have you even seen any snow?"

    1. "Oh, are you from Miami?"

    2. “So, do you live on the beach?”

    3. “Publix subs are overrated.”

    4. “Are there alligators in your backyard?”

    5. "Florida's just full of old people, right?"

    6. “You’re lucky it’s so hot all the time.”

    7. “I’m jealous, the humidity probably doesn’t even bother you.”

    8. “You must love that it’s always sunny.”

    9. “Why are the people in Florida so weird?”

    10. "Do you speak Spanish?"

    11. "OK... but you have to speak Spanglish? Right?"

    12. “Stop complaining that it’s below 40 degrees, you’ve never experienced a real winter.”

    13. “I bet you haven’t even seen any snow.”

    14. “What’s it like to be in a hurricane?”

    15. “You must love all the oranges growing in your garden."

    16. “Is there anything else to do in Florida besides go to theme parks?”

    17. "Can I get tickets to Universal?"

    18. “I bet you go to the Disney parks every weekend, it must be nice.”

    19. "Wait, do you work at Disney World?”

    20. “Did you go to FSU?”

    21. "Lovebugs? They don't sound very irritating."

    22. “My parents can't wait to retire in Boca Raton.”

    23. "The leaves don't change colors in the fall? How strange."