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18 Problems Every Theater Actor Faces When Auditioning

Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee, an actors life for me.

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1. When you literally spend entire paychecks on headshots.

You spend even more money printing out 50+ headshots for the auditions.

2. When you spend hours desperately flipping through plays trying to find a monologue before the audition date.

And you can never pick a favorite monologue so you memorize five for the hell of it.

3. When you need to get up in the wee hours of the morning so you can make that 8 a.m. audition across town.

Disney/Pixar / Via

Honestly though, who thought it was OK to schedule auditions at the break of dawn?

4. When you kicked ass during an audition but didn't get the part because you're not the right height.

20th Century Fox / Via

Seriously, if that's the biggest issue here I can wear higher heels?

5. When you try changing up your look before an audition to avoid getting typecast.

Universal / Via

Yeah, you keep getting cast as the same type of character, but it would be great to have a chance to branch out.

6. When you slip out of an accent halfway through your audition monologue.

Galaxy Tab S / Via

You're probably never going to play a British character but it's for the best, tbh.

7. When you keep getting rejected from talent agencies and want to give up hope on finding a proper agent.

Hardest thing on earth is finding an agent to represent you.

Hardest thing on earth is finding an agent to represent you.

8. When you're turned away from an audition because you're not an equity actor.

How am I supposed to get experience to become an equity actor if no one casts me in anything?

9. When one failed audition after the other causes your family to question whether or not you have a backup plan.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Can I live?

10. When you can't figure out how to dress for an audition so you just wear your favorite black clothes instead.

When in doubt, always wear black.

11. When you show up early to prepare for the part and there's already a massive line outside the office.

So much for being the first one.

12. And when you can't find the exact room for the audition because the building is like a maze.

Where are all the other actors? I've got a bad feeling about this...

13. When you have the biggest audition of your career and the weather turns out to be your worst enemy.

I better get the part after literally walking through this nonsense.

14. When you have to listen to every actor brag about their "amazing" career as you wait to audition.

Channel 4 / Via

Congratulations that your friend’s cousin met Tony Kushner once, now can you just let me do my thing?

15. When you show up and discover you look almost identical to the other people you're auditioning with.

You start to panic as you try to figure out a way to set yourself apart from everyone.

16. When you're auditioning in the smallest room of your life and trying your hardest not to look at the directors during your monologe.

It's reaaaaally difficult trying not to accidentally make eye contact with these people.

17. When the casting director surprises you with a cold reading from a scene that's at least 10 pages.

*Faints within the first minute*

18. When you forget your own name because you're so used to being called by a number.

You're literally one out of hundreds of people auditioning for the same role.

But no matter how daunting the audition process may be, it’s totally worth it in the end when you finally land that perfect role.

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