19 Gordon Ramsay Insults For Everyday Situations

    You kiss your mother with that mouth?

    1. When you're desperately trying to get someone's attention but they keep ignoring you.

    2. When you meet someone from OkCupid and realize they look nothing like their profile pictures.

    3. When you're collaborating on a project and your co-workers don't do any of the work.

    4. When you're going through a rough breakup and someone keeps trying to give you relationship advice.

    5. When you tell a brilliant joke at a party and no one laughs.

    6. When you see someone try to flirt with your crush.

    7. When you hold the door open for someone and they don't even thank you.

    8. When your Amazon package arrives hella late.

    9. When you're tired of listening to your friend complain about how they're afraid to ask someone out.

    10. When you're stuck listening to someone brag about how great their vacation was.

    11. When you're unemployed and someone on Facebook keeps posting about how much they love their new job.

    12. When you discover your roommate finished the rest of your wine.

    13. When a grocery clerk doesn't give you the right amount of change back.

    14. When someone keeps uploading the most unflattering selfies on Instagram.

    15. When someone orders pizza and you find out it's actually gluten-free.

    16. When you see that your BFF checked in to your fave restaurant on Facebook without you.

    17. When you're at work and you have an altercation with a customer who was way too demanding.

    18. When you're at the mall and keep getting harassed by all the vendors.

    19. And when you're trying to fall asleep but your roommates keep making an ungodly amount of noise in the kitchen.