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18 Hilarious Moments On Tumblr Every Hardcore Gamer Will Appreciate

It's about to go down.

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1. When it made a clever pun.

2. When it discovered the universal approach to defeating bosses.

3. When it showed this badass dog prepping for battle.

4. When it exposed Batman's true intentions in Arkham Origins.

5. When it gave quality tips for traveling in Skyrim.

6. When it made you appreciate teamwork.

7. When it uncovered Mario's flaw.

8. When it captured the inaccuracies of finding cover.

9. When it showed that almost everyone has anger issues when playing Animal Crossing.

10. When it gave you hope of making the perfect kill.

11. When it forced you to think realistically about certain games.

12. When it made you double check if there's a faster way to travel.

13. When it laid out how you spend your time playing The Sims.

14. When it didn't make you feel bad about setting high expectations for yourself.

15. When it put the character's views into perspective.

16. When it accurately showed the history of video games.

17. When it called out Aiden Pearce making a dick move in Watch Dogs.

18. When it made sure you didn't reload during the worst times.

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