21 Ways You're The Michael Scott Of Your Office

    World's best boss.

    1. You're a constant source of inspiration.

    2. You have an excellent memory.

    3. Sometimes you think people should lighten up.

    4. You have your own catchphrases.

    5. You're always bringing joy to others.

    6. You never crack under pressure.

    7. You don't mind being a little honest.

    8. You never hide your true feelings from your work enemies.

    9. You appreciate the finer things in life.

    10. You know the best happy hour spots.

    11. Public speaking has never fazed you.

    12. You constantly impress your co-workers.

    13. You haven't lost touch with today's youth.

    14. You can't help but get distracted from time to time.

    15. You throw the best office parties.

    16. You don't mind being in the spotlight.

    17. You live by your own rules.

    18. You're not afraid to look like an idiot.

    19. Having confidence is never an issue.

    20. You only ask the important questions.

    21. Your co-workers can't help but love you.