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17 Important Things That Ellen DeGeneres Taught You

She's basically a modern day saint.

1. Never feel ashamed that you're different and always follow your heart.

2. No matter how hard life can be, never stop moving forward.

3. The only thing worth labeling is food.

4. Physical appearance has nothing to do with actual beauty.

5. Stick it out through the hard times, things get better.

6. Never be afraid to make yourself vulnerable.

7. Always treat others around you with respect.

8. Be kind to others because it will take you far in life.

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9. Don't pay attention to all the haters, they're just jealous of how awesome you are.

10. It's OK to take time out and grieve the ones you've lost.

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11. Having confidence is the key to success.

12. If you're gonna judge people, judge them for what matters.

13. Always stay positive.

14. You should be free to love anyone you want.

15. Try not to take yourself too seriously.

16. You can make your own rules the older you get.

17. But most importantly, never forget how to have a little fun.


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