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34 Empowering Female Characters Guaranteed To Inspire You

You definitely don't want to mess with these ladies.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which female film character inspired them the most. Here are some of their badass responses.

1. Hermione Granger, The Harry Potter Series

Why she's inspiring: "She showed me it was OK to be super motivated and eager to answer questions in class. School may be a crucial step in life but friendship and bravery are just as important."

Submitted by iandthismystery


2. Hazel Grace, The Fault in Our Stars

Why she's inspiring: "At first, Hazel focused on death, believing she was a ticking time bomb and that no one should be around her. In the end, she opened herself up to others, and that's something I'll always keep close to my heart."

Submitted by Anna B., via Facebook

3. Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones' Diary

Why she's inspiring: "Yes, she may screw things up and make a fool of herself, but she always comes from a place of total self-possession. Her social mishaps and insecurities about her body don't prevent her from having a successful, fulfilling, and happy life in both the personal and professional realms."

Submitted by jblair93

4. Eowyn, The Lord of the Rings series

Why she's inspiring: "She loves her family fiercely, but still won't let them get in the way of what she knows is right. When she got rejected by the guy of her dreams, did she sit down and mope for months? Hell no! She got up and went on to kill the second-most powerful villain in Middle Earth."

Submitted by Tatiana P., via Facebook

5. Lisbeth Salander, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Why she's inspiring: "She spent her life completely manipulated and having people trying to control her. Yet, she stood her ground and was 100% herself. She never cared that everyone judged her based on her appearance. Lisbeth was much tougher than your average person because she had to fight for everything in life."

Submitted by sboyd787


6. Agent Peggy Carter, Captain America: The First Avenger

Why she's inspiring: "She is not only Captain America's friend and love interest, she is also a kick-butt feminist and secret agent working her way toward success in a time where men had all the power. Despite the discrimination against women in the 1940s, she gained a position of power in the army, helped advise Captain America, and helped form the SSR and SHIELD."

Submitted by higracie221b

7. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Why she's inspiring: "She is the only princess who reads and sees real value in knowledge, who doesn't fall for a pretty face, who sacrifices herself for her father, who is interesting and curious, who sees inner beauty, and the only one who doesn't wait around for a man to save her."

Submitted by Camile F., via Facebook

8. Rose, Titanic

Why she's inspiring: "She spoke to women of all ages to follow your heart and to live your life according to your own rules. PLUS despite losing her one true love, she carried on and ended up living a happy life. It proved to us all that life DOES move on after hard times."

Submitted by brittanycreed

9. Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Why she's inspiring: "She took a bad situation in her life and used it as fuel to discover her dreams. She was always positive and kind to everyone she came across. She worked really hard to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer but she was still able to maintain her image as a fun-loving sorority girl because that is who she was.'"

Submitted by Zoe K., via Facebook


10. Luna Lovegood, The Harry Potter series

Why she's inspiring: "She stands up for what she believes in, she takes the high road when dealing with people who mock her, and she completely embraces her individuality; feeling no need to conform to the norm."

Submitted by mckenziealford

13. Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer

Why she's inspiring: "She conquered her fears and never let anything hold her down. It shows that when something goes terribly wrong in life, with faith and strength you can pull yourself back up."

Submitted bygidgetisbae


16. Elinor Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility

Why she's inspiring: "She's level-headed, responsible, and kind, all the while knowing that things likely aren't going to go her way. She was fully prepared to live in misery for the rest of her life if it meant her family were as happy as possible given their circumstances."

Submitted by gracem401fb55bd

17. Dot, A Bug's Life

Why she's inspiring: "While she viewed her size and inability to fly as a weakness, her courage and bravery became her strength, and she helped save the ants from the grasshoppers. She showed me that despite feeling like you can't make a difference, you can eventually find a way to change the world."

Submitted by lightheart16


20. Tris Prior, The Divergent series

Why she's inspiring: "She stayed strong until the end even though all of these bad things happened to her. She was very loving and caring toward the ones she loved. She showed us that bravery comes in different shapes and sizes."

Submitted by carmenpacheco98


22. Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

Why she's inspiring: "She was an incredibly strong and courageous woman who faced any challenge head-on, whether it was moving to Africa or her dissolving marriage. She definitely embodies strength and determination."

Submitted by kb5283

25. Skeeter Phelan, The Help

Why she's inspiring: "She was strong and compassionate during a time when so many people weren't. She fought for the rights of her friends and didn't let anyone tell her how to do things."

Submitted by Erinne B., via Facebook


26. Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind

Why she's inspiring: "No matter what, she fought for her family. Even though she made some terrible mistakes when it came to love, she survived them all."

Submitted by Clarissa B., via Facebook

29. Nausicaä, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Why she's inspiring: "She shows strength, compassion, kindness, and intelligence in order to save her people and the Ohm. She never gives up even in the face of extreme adversity."

Submitted by Anna L., via Facebook


32. Katherine Watson, Mona Lisa Smile

Why she's inspiring: "Her character forced me to look at the world around me in a new light — to see art and beauty for what it is and to make choices for myself, not anyone else."

Submitted by missmadiejean

33. Evelyn O'Connell, The Mummy

Why she's inspiring: "She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't let any man tell her what she can/can't do. She saves the world with her knowledge, cleverness, and bravery."

Submitted by Tracy E., via Facebook


34. Summer Finn, 500 Days of Summer

Why she's inspiring: "She's effortlessly cool, stylish AF, and is 100% honest with Tom. It's admirable for someone to be so honest."

Submitted by Anna K., via Facebook

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