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14 Types Of Drivers We’ve All Seen On The Road

Lots of people on the road: good, bad, and possibly crazy. But whatever type of driver you are, don't be the one who texts while driving. Because if you're texting, you're not driving.

1. The person who is obviously moving:

2. The new driver who can barely see above the wheel:

3. The dude with a serious need for speed:

4. The driver who is wayyyyyy into singing...

5. ...and their passenger who is getting down:

6. The guy whose car is too tricked out to even be a car:

7. The person who needs to go back to parking school:

8. The driver who is very chill about life right now:

9. The driver who miiiiiiiiiiight be a mobile hoarder:

10. The driver who is so so so so lost:

11. The driver who is clearly not paying attention today...

12. The guy who just wants to show off his sweet, sweet ride:

13. The one who is just here for a joy ride, apparently:

14. The guy you pass who looks suspiciously suspicious...

...and the driver who is going to get a ticket: