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The Difference Between New Year’s Eve At 18, 25, And 30

It's like you're a whole different person! But at whatever age you celebrate, always remember, drive sober or get pulled over.

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1. The outfit:

At 18: Your onesie is outstanding.

At 25: You throw on a little black dress and look effortlessly awesome.

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At 30: You can finally afford that dress that you wanted... and it's perfect.

Michael Blann / Getty Images

2. The party:

At 18: You stay up late watching movies with your friends.

At 25: You go to a huge loft party with your friends.

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At 30: You get gussied up for a swanky dinner and drinks on the town.

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3. The dancing:

At 18: You're still working out your dance moves.

At 25: You get down.

At 30: The only dancing you do is in your chair at work.

4. Kissing at midnight:

At 18: You kiss whatever cutie is nearby.

At 25: You kiss your date.

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At 30: You kiss your significant other... who says you have nacho breath.

5. The resolutions:

At 18: You make 25 different resolutions (and keep none of them).

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At 25: You narrow it down to a few important ones.

At 30: You resolve never to make a resolution again.

6. When your parents call you at midnight:

At 18: Um, you're a little busy right now!

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At 25: You're REALLY busy right now.

At 30: You wish them a happy New Year before going out.

7. Your bedtime:

At 18: "Has the ball dropped yet? Good."

At 25: Sunrise or bust.

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At 30: You're tucked in by 2 a.m.

8. The hangover:

At 18: "What's that?"

At 25: "It's nothing a hamburger can't cure."

At 30: "Please, no. I must hydrate."

Start the New Year right and drive sober or get pulled over.