12 People Who Thought They Could Get Away With It

Nice try. There are some things you’ll never get away with, like drunk driving — so drive sober or get pulled over. It’s that simple.

1. This purse snatcher:

What stopped him is pretty clear.

2. This shotgun-riding litterbug:

“Excuse me, I think you dropped this.”

3. This aspiring roundhouse kicker:

That hurt both his knee and his pride.

4. This fisherman who turned out to be all wet:

Man’s best friend, meet your worst frenemy.

5. These kids and their gosh darned RC car:

Driver vs. driver.

6. This person's pillow prank:

Socks + hardwood floors = bad.

7. This guy whose plans fell through:

“Can I kick it?” No, you can’t.

8. This guy who decided to mess with Mother Goose:

Duck… no, duck!

9. This cabbie:

A U-turn for the worse.

10. This poolside prankster:

But the other one went off the deep end tbh.

11. This woman — whose friend will board the train in like two seconds, she swears.

Not the place you want to practice your over-the-door shoulder pulleys.

12. This driver who just couldn't wait:

“But I signaled my lane change, officer…”

Another thing you won't get away with: drunk driving. It's simple. Drive sober or get pulled over.

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