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Even If You’re Young And Healthy – Here’s Why You Should Still Get The Vaccine

Avoiding Long COVID, getting back to normal sooner, and making extra sure your granny stays safe from the virus are all major reasons to get jabbed, no matter your age.

You might have read that the older someone is, the greater the risk that COVID-19 poses to them, and this may be making you question your own need to get jabbed if you're younger. But it's still important to get vaccinated, even if you're young and healthy!

Still unsure? These are all the reasons to get protected against the virus:

1. Though it's much less likely, there are younger people who have been seriously ill from the virus.

We see a person's hand on a hospital bed

2. There are also thousands who are still suffering from Long COVID.

A woman lies down with her hand on her head

3. Because anyone can get COVID-19, it's much safer for your immune system to learn how to fight off the virus via vaccine than by catching it with no protection.

A woman receives a vaccination in a medical setting. She is wearing a mask.

4. Anyone can also spread the virus, so getting vaccinated helps you to protect the people you love who are more vulnerable.

A young woman leans on her grandfather's shoulder

5. The vaccine works by teaching your immune system how to create antibodies that will attack the virus if you do come into contact with it.

A computer-generated image of a virus is being attacked by an antibody

6. Vaccines just work best when we all get one. The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer infections, hospitalisations, and deaths from COVID-19, and the sooner we can all get back to normal.

A group of people are all smiling. They have the word "vaccinated" over them.

7. Vaccines are very safe. Each one used in the UK has been independently approved for use by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)...

Two vials of the COVID-19 vaccine and a needle sit on a table. Above them sits the words "tested and approved"

8. ...and have been tested on tens of thousands of people worldwide. They've also gone through unbelievably strict quality, safety, and effectiveness tests.

9. As with all medicines (even paracetamol), there are potential side effects. But these are almost always mild, short-term, and are far outweighed by the benefits of getting the vaccine.

We see a seesaw: On the highest side sits a large ball with the words "benefits from the vaccine" above it, on the lower side sits a smaller ball with the words "minor vaccine side effects" above it

10. There's also zero evidence that the vaccine affects fertility or anyone's chances of getting pregnant. Anything saying otherwise is nonsense.

11. In fact, the only reason not to have the vaccine? If you're allergic to it. So if you have serious allergies, you can contact your GP for some advice.

A woman with a mask on looks at her phone

12. Plus it's super low effort to have it done. All adults over 18 can now book a jab either via the NHS Booking Service online or by calling 119.

We see a sign pointing to a COVID-19 vaccination site

When you get the vaccine, you'll be joining the millions of people in the UK who have now had it safely, as well as the millions more around the world who have taken action to help protect themselves and others.

For more information about the vaccine and how you can book, you can visit the NHS site here.