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11 Animals That Prove Mother Nature Doesn't Mess Around

And all we got were these lousy THUMBS.

1. Tasmanian devil and its deadly bite.

2. Spotted hyena aka The Bone Crusher.

3. Babirusa and its gnarly teeth.

4. Chinese pangolin's sharp edges and stinky defenses.

5. Nocturnal tarsier's hypnotic eyes.

6. Aye-aye's crazy smarts and hearing abilities.

7. Gray whale and its monstrous hunger.

8. Bats...lots and lots of bats.

Bats are the only mammals that *truly* fly. And there's...a lot of bats out there. In fact, among the more than 5,400 living species of mammals, about 1,100 are bats. Wow! You know what? Good for them. They look like little winged teddy bears. The more the merrier.

9. Aardvark and its late-night snacking habits.

10. Sloth, breaking land-speed records left and right.

11. Platypus and its sixth sense.

The Extreme Mammals Exhibit at the Natural History Museum has tons (literally! tons!) more animals that prove Mother Nature really doesn't mess around. Check it out May 14–September 10, and bring the kids!

All facts provided by The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.