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If Car Brands Had Honest Slogans, These 24 Would Keep Us Laughing All Day

Let's be real, nobody believes fancy car slogans. Here's what they'd say if car brands did some truth talk!

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1. Ford: Sorry to the guy who bought all the horses.

2. Chrysler: No no, we’re still here.

3. Cadillac: We were magnificent once.

4. Chevy: We’re gonna need that back.

5. Audi: Boring, but efficient.

6. Mercedes: Must be this old to buy.

7. BMW: Not just for douchebags.

8. MINI: It Girls can park now.

9. Volkswagen: Couldn’t afford an Audi.

10. Porsche: Just for douchebags.

11. Skoda: Gettin’ better behind your back.

12. Volvo: It ain’t fast, but it’ll get you there.

13. Toyota: Couldn’t even afford a Volkswagen.

14. Nissan: Yes. That one car from Tokyo Drift.

15. Mazda: We know you don’t know us, but if you did, you’d love us.

16. Hyundai: It’s Hyundai. Not Sunday.

17. Aston Martin: James Bond drives one. Nope, no credit cards.

18. Jaguar: Don’t be a douchebag. Be a Jag-ass.

19. Range Rover: Please BMW, take us back.

20. Rolls-Royce: Rick Ross wants his ride back.

21. Ferrari: Will break down fast, but hey, you’re still rich.

22. Lamborghini: Exhaust on, critics off.

23. Fiat: Pronto, presto, piccolo, protesto?

24. Tesla: So long, suckers!

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