Executive Director National General Assembly WTPN Chapter
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  • NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING: Consent For Federal Incorporation

    The message of Occupy Wall Street has been heard and the 99% are now answering back. Yes, there is a solution and we believe this is it. Our governmental institutions draw their authority from the consent of a sovereign people and we now seek your informed consent. The National General Assembly of the United States (NGAOTUS) is a proposed federally-incorporated, member-owned, for-benefit financial institution. It will be managed by a shareholder (account holder) General Assembly and a Board of Trustees. It will be organized as a Public Authority with federal regulatory powers and serve as Conservator to the United States General Convention, identified in Article V of the United States Constitution. We the People, the Citizens, of the United States will not sit idly by while we bankrupt our grandchildren. We will not accept being looted and plundered to enrich a group of criminal oligarchs. We will not stand, being lied to by public servants who are supposed to have our interests in mind. We will no longer be divided by a corporate sponsored popularity contest, masquerading as free and open elections. We will no longer remain silent………………….

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