21 Signs You Are From Bangladesh

Not the only signs though.

1. Not one day goes without thinking about Bhaat, Lebu & Daal

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Chi, Beyaddob! Ammuke marte chao?!

2. You cannot imagine life without traffic.

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P.s/ What even are traffic rules?

3. The entire year is spent thinking about whose wedding you’re going to dance at next Winter and what you will be wearing.

After all, you have to outshine the other pokkho!!

4. Cricket is a huge part of life.

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And if you do not know the rules, you need to set your priorities straight!

5. Ammu is first thing that comes to your mind when you’re in danger.

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Not because she’s going to get you out of trouble but will kill you for getting in trouble.

6. Buas are your best friends.

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They will hear your love stories, hide your faults from Ammu, save you from Ammu’s jutar baari, make you everything you want to eat, watch TV with you when you want them to, even if it is an English movie and they don’t understand most of what is being said and cry with you when you are sad. Lastly, they are your number 1 form of source of ghost stories, crazy superstition and amazing entertainment.

7. The countless number of hartals decide how long your summer/winter break will be.

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8. Badminton season is the best season of the year.

Even better than cricket, yes.

9. Your reaction to Bangladesh’s loss in a cricket match.

No comments.

10. The thought of fuchka and jhalmuri makes your day brighter.

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11. This is sheer happiness and how you celebrate anything and everything.

If you don’t know where this is from, I am done with you. If you do, you are awesome.

12. A rickshaw ride > Anything else.

13. You have heard all your life that Noakhaillas, when invited to your house, leave right after they have finished their meal.

You believe that even if that is not true.

14. This is normal.

15. This is abnormal.

16. Ma and Baba coming from abroad?! MCDONALD’S TIME!

On a side note, how awesome would it be if the Spy Kids thing was actually invented?!

17. Movie posters are your daily form of entertainment.

18. Anyone and everyone is your Khala, Fupi, Chacha, Chachi, Dada, Dadi, Mama, Mami, Bhaiya, Bhabi…

Basically, you are related to everyone.

19. You have learned to accept the fact that we will forever be one of the nations with the shortest people.

We’re all fun-sized.

20. It is recommended to expect the unexpected here.

21. Lastly, this flag will always make you happy.

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