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8 Signs That Confirm You're A Third Culture Kid

Third Culture Kids are more common than we think, are you one of them?

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Are you a victim of an identity crisis? Did you grow up in one culture and your parents came from another, yet you’re living in a completely different country? Here are a couple of signs that confirm that you’re a TCK:

1. The question “where are you from?” is enough to give you anxiety. / Via

Being a TCK myself I experience this all too often, which is likely to be followed by an ignorant “but where are you actually from?” remark. The answer that usually should be short and simple, it turns out to be a timeline of your whole life.

2. You have an accent that is made up of five existing accents. / Via

An American accent but you’re from Pakistan and studied in a British school in the Middle East? Yup, welcome to the most confused accent in the world. This is probably one that catches out people the most, and they have to end up asking “where is your accent from?”.

3. You slip words from other languages into your sentences without even realising. / Via

Being a TCK has its perks because you have friends from all around the world which tends to make you quite a know-it-all.

4. You forget nationality is even a thing / Via

Possibly one of the best perks of growing up as TCK. Your group of your friends is so culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse that you tend to lose track where everyone is from. Not to mention the fact that you have an excuse to celebrate every cultural celebration out there.

5. Traveling has become part of your routine / Via

Whether it’s a six hour or a sixteen-hour flight, no big deal! You’re always prepared and are likely to have a place to crash in whatever part of the world you travel to.

6. Social media is your savior.


Being a TCK means that you will be separated from your friends one way or another, whether it’s moving to University or your parent's job, social media is the glue that keeps you together.

7. Calculating time difference is as easy as 1, 2 , 3 / Via

Of course, through all the mayhem you have to update one another on life no matter where you are in the world. Setting a skype date with a nine-hour difference? Not an issue, even staying up at the most bizarre hours is completely worth it.

8. Home is where the heart is. / Via

You've been all around the world and met all types of people. You know many but you love a few, as a TCK you’re well aware that it’s not the country that makes it ‘home’, it’s the people you love.

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