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If "Sherlock" Were More Like "Friends"

"The One Starring Baseballmitt Candycrush and Martin Freeman"

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Anna Neyman / BBC

1. "The One With The Homoerotic Tension"

2. "The One With The Fake Suicide Attempt At The End"

3. "The One With A Trip To The Buckingham Palace"

4. "The One Where Everyone Can Almost See Sherlock's Naked Butt"

5. "The One With All The Sexting"

6. "The One With Anderson's Input"

7. "The One With The Illegal Graffiti"

8. "The One With All The Fanfiction"

9. "The One With 'Surprise Bitch, I Bet You Thought You'd Seen The Last Of Me'"

10. "The One With All The Clues In The First Scene"

Anna Neyman / BBC

11. "The One Where Mary Goes Ballistic"

12. "The One With All The Pill Popping"

13. "The One With Watson Being Done With Sherlock"

14. "The One With Mycroft Being Done With Sherlock"

15. "The One With Most Of The Characters Being Done With Sherlock"

16. "The One With The Stupid Mustache"

17. "The One With Mrs. Hudson's OTP"

18. "The One That Glows In The Dark"

19. "The One Where Watson Nearly Dies More Than Once"

20. "The One With Sherlock's Biggest Fangirl"

Anna Neyman / BBC

21. "The One With The Bonfire"

22. "The One Where Almost Everyone Gets High During Christmas"

23. "The One With All The Fun At The Pool"

24. "The One Where No One Likes The Fake Dog"

25. "The One With The Very Short Flight"

25. "The One Where Sherlock Is Not Watson's Date"

27. "The One With All The Clueing For Looks"

28. "The One With Mrs. Hudson's Exotic Dancing"

29. "The One With The Embarrassing Wedding Speech"

30. "The One Where This Show Actually Has That Many Episodes Instead Of Three Per Season"

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