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If The Sitcom “Friends” Were Re-Made Today

I'll be there for you...but only if there's wifi.

1. Central Perk would most likely be a Starbucks.

2. They would all be hanging out in their rooms a lot, spending time on their computers, going through BuzzFeed or Facebook.

NBC / Via

3. Phoebe would witness the Ross/Emily wedding via Skype.

4. And there would be tons of social media stalking between Ross and Rachel.

NBC / Via

5. Ugly naked guy would probably be a viral sensation...

6. ...and so would the Ross and Monica New Year's Eve Party routine.

NBC / Via

7. "The Ones With High School Flashbacks" would be filled with Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC hits. And let's not forget the wonderful '90s fashion.

8. Chandler would probably start writing articles for The Onion in his free time.

9. But still, no one would know what his job is.

10. Monica would become the queen of Pinterest.

11. This is what the "the Rachel" hairdo would look like.

Flower Films / Via

12. Phoebe would still be Phoebe. She wouldn’t change. At all.

13. Although Web Therapy is something that we can all see her doing for a living instead of being a masseur.

14. Joey would be constantly swiping right on Tinder. All day. All night.

15. Ross’s obsession with paleontology would be considered geeky and cool.

NBC / Via

16. Either Carol and Susan would be regulars on the show, or a new, token LGBT character would be added to the storyline to boost audience ratings.

17. Instagram.

Via NBC / Instagram / Anna Neyman

18. The whole “Pivot” affair would be easily avoided as Ross would simply buy one of the Ikea self-assembly couches instead.

NBC / Via

19. Given what they do for a living, it would be even more impossible now for all of them to afford such spacious apartments in downtown Manhattan.

20. Three words: Smelly GRUMPY Cat

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