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21 Signs You're Definitely Welsh

Ah, good. You're one of us, cariad!

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1. “Alright, how’s it going, alright? Good.”


2. So listen, not to be funny, but for God's sake, Wales is not a part of England, ok?

3. It’s a beautiful land of milk and honey where bach is a term of endearment, not a shout out to the great Baroque composer.

Wikimedia / Anna Neyman

4. Where you only accept cwtches, not hugs.


5. And drinking Brains doesn't sound as creepy to you as it might to others.

6. While we’re on the subject of food, three words: half and half. Because there’s no such a thing as too many carbs. Plus, making up your mind is overrated.

SNL Studios / Via

7. Also, your nain makes the best welsh cakes in the world! They’re lush. No argument there.

8. And they’re definitely better than your mam’s. Sorry!


9. You like watching Doctor Who and Torchwood because you recognize 99% of the filming locations.

BBC / Via

10. You also find it completely normal that Ianto Jones has his own memorial wall down in Cardiff Bay.

11. Also, you know at least one person with the last name Jones. Or Evans. Or Jenkins.

12. Speaking of, no matter how much you dislike Tom Jones, once one of his hit singles comes on, you’ll sing like your life depends on it.


13. And someone in your family definitely knows someone who knew Catherine Zeta Jones growing up. It’s pretty much a given.

14. The film Pride fills you up with such pride that you were most likely involved in the post-screening, 5 minute long standing ovation.

Via Pathé

15. Because being Welsh is cool. And so is saying “thank you” to the driver while getting off the bus.

16. It’s perfectly normal for you that if you want to get from mid-Wales to North- or South-Wales, you have to go to England first.


17. And while we’re on the subject, to you “up North” means any place that’s located in a magical land stretching roughly from Aberystwyth to Bangor.

Anna Neyman

18. You’ve probably heard all the possible sheep jokes in the world.

19. And situations like these do not surprise you at all.

20. But the truth is, you actually do feel slightly uneasy if there are no sheep in your proximity.

21. Ah! You’re very proud of being Welsh and can’t imagine being from anywhere else!

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