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13 Truths That People In Swing States Find Way Too Real

You might live in a swing state if *interrupted by campaign commercial*

1. The political ads on TV are nonstop.

2. And your mailbox is constantly overflowing with election stuff, too.

3. But restaurants, retail stores, autobody shops... they all have election-themed deals that sort of make it all worth it.

4. All the robocalls lead you to fear the worse: The robots have taken over.

5. You will inevitably be CC'd onto some pretty terrifying/racist political email chains (thank you, out-of-touch aunt).

6. But you're armed with the facts to shut them down.

7. You also get to see the extreme ends of the political spectrum on your newsfeed.

8. But you've learned that going door to door beats a Facebook war.

9. You can't go anywhere without running into a presidential candidate.

10. But you also get to see famous figures speak in intimate venues, and it's super humbling.

11. Election people call you on the phone every day until the election.

12. And you're constantly badgered to register to vote.

13. But you were literally registered to vote when you were given your vaccines as a kid, so the conversation is short.

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