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10 People Share Their Methods For Totally Nailing Adulthood

Living well doesn't have to be hard.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their secrets to nailing this whole "being an adult" thing — and they delivered the goods.

1. Travel smart(er).

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"To save money and to travel, I decided it was time to get a credit card that can accrue points or miles. I managed to accrue a ton of miles within months just by using a card for my everyday purchases. I was able to take a trip to London and saved over $500 thanks to my points!"


2. Find fun in the work.

"My apartment was never consistently clean…until I discovered audiobooks. I only listen to them when I'm cleaning or working out. It feels AWESOME to finish a good book and then look around and notice that my body has been productive while my mind was occupied."


3. Take care of someone other than yourself.

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"Get a dog. Adopt one or raise one from eight weeks. I grew up a lot when I realized I had to care for another breathing being. I still get excited every day to hang out with her."

—Samantha Sullivan, Facebook

4. Try volunteering (seriously).

"Take time to give back to the world and people around you. Find your cause (or causes) and dedicate real time to making a lasting impact on your community. Make it your duty to support others in reaching their goals too — choosing kindness and lifting others is a major mark of maturity and #adulting."


5. Be smart about money.

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"When I get paid I automatically have transfers set up for my bills, and that money goes into a separate e-banking account. So when I get paid weekly a pre-determined amount (which was based on the amount of my cable, electric, loans, rent, etc. divided by four) was transferred automatically. This way I know exactly how much I have to spend on groceries, savings, and entertainment without worrying about spending too much money and bills bouncing."


6. Work for what you want.

"Never stop learning! When you are young, you change very rapidly, but as you get older, changes in one's personalities and interests evolve slowly. Always follow your urges to learn or try something new."


7. Work out your way.


"Find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy. I always struggled to drag myself to the gym, but then last year I discovered that I love (and am pretty good at) martial arts. Now I spend at least three hours a week in classes, and I’m in the best shape of my life!"


8. Set achievable goals.

"Get organized with your goal setting. Set a goal, make sure it is achievable, set an end date, and find a way to visibly track your daily/weekly progress of reaching that goal. When you can see your progress, you are able to keep yourself motivated."


10. And enjoy the ride.

"Surround yourself with joy. You need people to laugh, cry, and eat good food with. Animals to love and be loved by unconditionally. Quiet moments to hear the natural world.

"Recognize moments of serenity and contentment. These tend to be fleeting, but you can piece together a lifetime of joy if you just pay attention."


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