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11 Reasons To Vote Early In 2020

Voting on Election Day is so 2016. Early voting in NYC begins Oct. 24 and runs through Nov. 1. Visit for all the details.

1. Waiting in line is the worst.

2. This year's voter turnout is predicted to be an enormous, once-in-a-century turnout.

3. Voting early makes lines shorter for people who have to vote on Election Day.

4. You've got an absentee ballot, but you don't have stamps.

5. You have a mail-in ballot, but you're worried about the mail this year.

6. Voting on Election Day means crowds, and we're not doing crowds right now because of the coronavirus.

7. You really don't want to worry about going to work and voting on the same day.

8. Planning to vote early stops life's little mishaps from stopping your vote.

9. Voting early can help your candidate of choice, too.

10. Early votes get counted earlier than mail-in votes.

11. Think of voting early as a civic duty.

Early voting in New York City runs from Oct. 24 through Nov. 1. Get out there and make your voice heard early. Visit for all the details.