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    Checklist For Hosting A Magical New Year’s Eve

    This is the guide you need for your New Year's Eve party preparations

    1. Invites - It is important to send inspiring and exciting invites to the guest so they really want to be there.

    2. Dress code - Spice up the party with a dress code

    3. Decorations - Create the magical feeling the party deserves with sparkling banners, balloons and glittery things

    4. Music - Create a spotifylist to get everyone involved in making the best playlist

    5. Party props - Distribute props such as hats, glasses or tiaras for the guests

    6. Games and activities - For the best connection with all of the guest, some games and activities are recommended.

    7. Photobooth - Create some memorable photos with a photobooth.

    8. Food and drinks - Everyone loves food and sparkling champagne!

    9. Hand out missions - Give your guest some awkward or funny assignments for the evening, to make a hilarious party.

    10. Fireworks - End the year with some sparkling fireworks.