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What Kind Of Writer Are You?

A wizard's journey at Hogwarts is full of academic challenges, and every wizard has his way of overcoming them. Which Harry Potter character shares your writing style?

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  1. You are in the Forbidden Forest with a few other students and want to get out before it gets dark. What do you prefer to do?

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    Study the map carefully and take the path shown on it; the map has all the answers in it!
    Ignore the map and follow your gut wherever that takes you.
    Enjoy what the forest has to offer, then frantically sprint through the forest at dusk, using what you can see of the map in the diminished light.
    Don’t go there in the first place. It’s a dangerous place to be, and you don’t want to risk getting sent to the Detention Chamber!
  2. Professor Trelawney assigns an essay for you to discuss the history of reading tea-leaves and what major events they predicted. You have some pretty serious doubts about the validity of tea-leaf reading. What do you do?

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    Write two pages talking about why divination is not a real thing; it’s nonsense to think that tea-leaves could ever predict anything.
    Write over five pages about major events and make sure to bring in information from your other classes; it is, after all, good to be open-minded to learning about new things, even though you think divination is probably not a serious academic discipline.
    Write exactly two pages, making sure to talk about all of the major events you think Prof. Trelawney will want you to talk about.
    Write 1 ¾ pages about one or two events and go play wizard’s chess.
  3. Professor McGonagall teaches you a spell to transform a mouse into a teacup with roses on it. While practicing for an exam, you say the spell slightly differently and your teacup emerges, much prettier than you expected, with violets on it! You:

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    Practice the spell some more until you can get the teacup with roses on it (that’s what we’re getting graded on right?)
    Keep practicing until you are able to produce roses, but spend time understanding the reason different flowers appear.
    Congratulate yourself on the violets because it is a more interesting result and you think the professor will be pleasantly surprised by your innovation.
    Read about the rose spell one more time and go to bed without practicing it. You need your sleep!
  4. Imagine you are at Hogwarts and are making a potion as an ungraded class exercise. The potion isn’t quite working out. Do you:

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    Start adding a little of this, a pinch of that and…BAM! You get a new potion--you’re just not sure what it is.
    Peek at your neighbor’s happily bubbling potion and copy what they did, since theirs turned out right.
    Figure that what you did is good enough. At least you gave it a shot.
    Get so frustrated by the potion that you start over again from scratch, following the instructions more carefully this time. You don’t care how long it takes. You need to get it right!
  5. You’ve been having a hard time producing a Patronus, but you really want to learn! You:

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    Diligently attend all Dumbledore’s Army meetings to perfect your patronus.
    Practice your patronus every day for ten minutes when you know Professor Lupin is likely to notice. You also log your time in your ongoing journal of charm practice, which is worth 10% of your grade.
    Take up Professor Lupin’s offer to come in for office hours. You pop in for five minutes to get corrections on your patronus, decide that’s all you need, and take off for the weekend, knowing you’re ready to go.
    Figure the best way to learn is to get experience. You go looking for a Death Eater. If you can produce a Patronus in that scenario, then you’ll be all set to teach it to Dumbledore’s Army.
  6. You are excited to be playing Quidditch this year! You’re looking forward to:

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    Winning! That’s what it’s all about, right?
    Glory! You discovered some great new moves that will amaze everyone and land you in the record books.
    Bonding with your friends. It’s nice to win, but the most important thing, really, is to enjoy the game and support your teammates.
    Perfecting your form. Last year, you made 5 goals, which is pretty good, but you’ve been practicing with the Quaffle all summer. Now that you understand the aerodynamics better, you’ll be able to score many more goals.
  7. You’ve finally gotten some information about what a Horcrux is. Why do you want to find one?

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    You love adventure, and this sounds like a great chance to have one. You grab your wand and invisibility cloak and head out the door; who knows where you’ll find yourself?!
    You like the intellectual challenge of the project; you plan out exactly what you are going to do--paying special attention to all of the possible problems that can arise.
    You think that if you find a Horcrux, Professor Slughorn will finally take you seriously.
    You want to find the Horcrux so that everyone stops talking about it and has more time for a good game of Quidditch.
  8. You are in Dumbledore’s Army and are trying to prepare a plan to defeat the Death Eaters. You:

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    Consult with all your favorite professors at Hogwarts. They have the most experience and are going to be able to help you better than anyone in Dumbledore’s Army.
    Only share your plan when you think it’s really finished, even though your friends say they’re sure it’s fine already. You just don’t like to share your ideas until you’re really confident about them.
    Want to do a good job, but you’re not obsessed about it. You talk it through with your friends and develop a plan you think will probably work, but you make sure to save some time occasionally to pop over to the Three Broomsticks for a Butterbeer.
    Think about it constantly, but you never actually settle on a plan. You know that, really, you will need to be flexible to adapt to what happens in the battle, and you’re confident that you’ll be prepared for whatever Voldemort throws at you!
  9. Though you like your house, you occasionally wonder if the Sorting Hat made a mistake. You secretly think you belong in...

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    Hufflepuff because they’re not so stressed out all the time and they’re right next to the kitchen for easy access to midnight snacks.
    Ravenclaw because they take advantage of the great learning opportunities at Hogwarts.
    Gryffindor because they’re always having such amazing adventures.
    Slytherin because they are the only ones who have a clue about what really matters: power.

What Kind Of Writer Are You?

You got: Harry Potter

You are a structure-creating writer who is more concerned with developing an idea that is meaningful to you than in following someone else’s rules--even if that means you may not get a perfect grade. You care most about learning and about breaking new ground in your academic work.

Harry Potter
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You got: Hermione Granger

You are a structure-following writer who feels most comfortable when you know what the rules are. You want to get it right, even if it takes a bit more time. You care about grades, but you care more about learning.

Hermione Granger
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You got: Ron Weasley

You want to do well in school, but you also care about having a balanced life. You may end up putting your work off until the last minute because you prioritize spending time with friends, sleeping, and participating in your co-curricular activities. You won’t let academic perfectionism get in the way of living life to its fullest.

Ron Weasley
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You got: Draco Malfoy

You have an acquired writing style that you have adopted from what you have learned in school. You are good at adapting to the preferences of each individual professor, even if that means writing in the way that you would prefer not to write. You do what it takes to be successful.

Draco Malfoy
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