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    • newu1800

      Give the girls a break. Its a fun light spirited take on a country she clearly loves. She didn’t at any point present this as a scholarly article of the true nature of the Italian genus. For anyone who’s not been to Italy, this is a jocular fun preview. For the Italians who are getting all worked up about this being stereotypical or yada, yada, yada, grow up. She clearly loves your country and is writing in that spirit. Instead of taking her article verbatim, just laugh along and say thank you for understanding that we are a country that likes to do things differently. Not to mention that she is probably promoting Italy. E basta!  Now I am off to have my coffee in a crazy bar, before being run over on the pedestrian crossing by a well-dressed, gum-chewing, Eros-listening, tattoo-covered, garbage collector driving a “zmart” car with her small poodle who shits everywhere without her cleaning up after him, on her way to Ostia beach to burn herself with no sun block ans she smokes an electric cigarette.

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