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Why Chocolate Truly Is The Food Of The Gods

Healthy and historical. Now with added science!

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But wait, there's more!

They also contain among the highest levels of chromium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Chromium regulates glucose. Magnesium is a common deficiency causing muscle pain and the mineral is partly responsible for over 300 bodily processes. Vitamin C isn't stored in the body; it's required for healthy immune function and reduces free radical populations.


It's been said white 'chocolate' is the least heathful, milk is considered the average and dark chocolate is the 'best'. This is a simple matter of cocoa content ratios. There are no strict international guidelines on ingredient distribution (cocoa fats, milk fats etc).

Chocolate has a provenance

Beans are harvested primarily been October and May.

Samples are sent to factories for selection and the finalists are processed.

They are roasted, winnowed and the nibs are ground into a fine powder called a chocolate liquor.

Growers pride themselves on consistency of their flavours and there are professional chocolate tasters to distinguish between them. Chocolate is conched to develop its full final flavours before being heat-tempered.

Chocolate by any other name would taste as delicious

Chocolate probably isn't an Aztec word.

"Spaniards had coined the word by taking the Maya word chocol and then replacing the Maya term for water, haa, with the Aztec one, atl." according to Mexican philologist Ignacio Davila Garibi.

Alternately, it may originate from the Maya verb chokola'j, which means, "to drink chocolate together" (Young, 1994).

The drink of noble intellectuals

The modern love affair with chocolate began with a London cafe opened in 1657 called The Coffee Mill and Tobacco Roll, who served a rather greasy, bitter liquid by our standards and cost 10-15 shillings per pound.

Chocolate as aphrodisiac

“Chocolate encouraged all sorts of physical prowess. The mighty lover, Casanova, found the drink as useful a lubrication to seduction as champagne.” wrote Dr Stubbe (1662).

The flavonoids in chocolate improve, ahem, vascular function by enhancing nitric oxide production.

Wahey, sailor

By 1825, the Royal Navy of Britain bought more chocolate than the rest of the country combined. As a healthy, hot drink without alcohol, it was considered the perfect tipple for watch duty. Sailors dubbed north-western winds as 'chocolate gales'.

Chocolate seduces you

The phenethylamine (PEA) it retains is associated in our innate production with love. It also assists focus and produces a steady state of alertness in tandem with caffeine. The 'bliss chemical' anandamide keeps our natural level of endorphins raised for longer.

Chocolate can level you out

The amino acid tryptophan increases levels of serotonin, implicated in good memory and melatonin, crucial for restful sleep. Its manganese will replenish your old supply lost in tears over that ex. You know the one.

Chocolate makes you prettier

Cocoa beans contain Omega 6 fatty acids. Zinc assists skin cell renewal and reduces blemishes. The antibacterial theobromine kills streptococci mutans (a common cause of cavities).

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