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Studying Psychology (as Told By Loki Gifs)

Side effects of exposure to Loki include fangirling and spontaneous orgasm.

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1. You develop an unhealthy fascination with brains

A small watery meatbag with no pain receptors is capable of experiencing the full intensity of feeling, discovering the universe and embarking on an entirely new creation. And most of us have one. That is awesome.

Dubious: I'm not a cannibal, but those brain cupcakes look delicious.

2. Your impulse control issues make for a constant case study

Would chocolate for breakfast help me avoid snacking later? I was good at that meeting, I deserve to put off deeper processing efforts for a few more... days.

3. As each year passes, your hope for humanity dwindles

How can they be this illogical? Can't they see what they're doing? Meta-cognition is a band name to these people isn't it? Amygdala overdrive in practice.

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