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    80 Signs You're An INTJ

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: The Mastermind. And you feel it.

    1. You feel like an alien visiting a distant planet

    2. You didn't have to look up disenchanting just now

    3. Meta-judging

    4. The prospect of research gets you excited

    5. Delusional people bring out your misanthropy

    6. You come across as aloof on first meeting

    7. Since appeals to emotion leave you cold

    8. You have a secret rebellious streak

    9. You have immutable principles

    10. You're blunt when you respect someone

    11. You habitually converse in layers of sarcasm, lofty reference and riddle

    12. Your pet peeve in others is incompetency

    13. You keep expectations low and downgrade accordingly

    14. Your pragmatism can be scary to sensualists

    15. When you decide on a course you are unwavering

    16. You are hasty in doling out consequences

    17. You have a low tolerance for the norm

    18. You experiment with social taboos to see what will happen

    19. At least try to be less smug about the fallout

    20. Disrupting formal groups for personal amusement isn't good for your career

    21. Suffice to say you're a bad influence

    22. Your truly losing an argument is the stuff of legend

    23. "Technically-"

    24. Finding a point of agreement in a discussion is buried treasure for you

    25. This systematic approach gives you an uncanny ability to resolve conflicts

    26. You almost never use it for that

    27. Your history is kinda mysterious

    28. At parties

    29. But you can rock a corner

    30. Small talk is an endurance sport

    31. "What have you been reading?"

    32. You never look embarassing somehow

    33. Your thinking face looks angry

    34. Your angry face looks serene

    35. You have an incredibly long fuse with a bomb at the end

    36. Consequently, people find you hard to read

    37. Your business face ensures no one tries to fuck with you

    38. You snatch victory from the jaws of defeat

    39. You can pass for charismatic

    40. You obsessively admire and respect true intelligence

    41. You are forthright in conceding your expertise

    42. You demand respect for your expertise

    43. How do you make an INTJ enemy?

    44. You are a quick thinker and find slowing down for other's benefit tedious

    45. There are times ...

    46. People ask your advice constantly

    47. The things you predict constantly come true

    48. You treat these people with contempt forever after

    49. Your mind is an endless source of entertainment

    50. You have a slightly addictive personality

    51. You have numerous creative outlets

    52. Your close friends know to steer you away from bookshops

    53. You believe rationality is the key to the universe

    54. You perceive the world as a sequence of interlocking systems

    each with its own delicious rules

    and you devour details when calculating something specific

    55. You are a natural-born optimizer

    56. You're on a quest to tinker with and transform the world

    57. You pull off daring moves

    58. You know Life is a game of strategy

    59. You give up blending

    60. You perceive the profundity of the mundane

    61. Your sense of fun seems bizarre to outsiders

    62. You have apathy where offense usually is

    63. You apply your brains to lazy ends

    64. When you like something you observe it

    65. You avoid deepening relationships without good reason

    66. Being in love terrifies you

    67. As does the merest prospect of emotional dependence

    68. Your sensitive disposition is constantly on the lookout for rejection

    69. You become formal and polite when hurt in public

    70. You go quiet and become hesitant when hurt in private

    71. When you trust someone, silence is golden

    72. Your closest friends have passed a list of secret tests

    73. Your close friends = Friends who have seen you cry

    74. Duty is something you sign up for or rebel against

    75. You resent being controlled above all else

    76. You're overjoyed to find precise answers

    77. When INTJs find a perfect solution

    78. You relish having the last word or lasting impression

    79. You're difficult to impress

    80. You enjoyed the INTJ-indulgent length of this list

    You have the strong temptation to fact-check/correct