Nature That Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your life and forget that there’s a big wide world of beautiful things out there so to help you get away from the mundane stack of paperwork piling up on your desk, here’s a list of beautiful things found in nature that have to be seen to be believed. Some may need explaining but some speak for themselves.

1. Naica Mine, Mexico

nicola_denise / Via Flickr: nicole_denise

In 2000, some miners found an underground cave that contained giant selenite crystals up to 11 meters long while tunnelling the Naica mine, in Chihuahua,.

2. Lake Hiller, Australia

Ockert Le Roux / Via

A natural pink lake in Australia. What else needs to be said?

3. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

4. Tulip Flower Fields in Netherlands

Allard Schager / Via

Okay, okay. This may be man’s handy work but it’s still pretty bloomin’ impressive.

5. Carerra Lake, the deepest lake in South America shared by Argentina and Chile

A lake surrounded by blue, green and aqua marble that glistens and glitters.

6. Floating forest in Sydney

A 102-year-old ship became a floating forest in Sydney

7. Hidden Beach on Marieta Islands, Mexico

10. Cenote Angelita - hidden underwater river flowing under the ocean in Mexico

Cenote Angelita is located in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It’s a fresh water river separated from the sea’s salt water by a thin layer of hydrogen sulphate.

13. Confluence of two rivers in Geneva, Switzerland

Two rivers join as one here. The one on the left is the Rhone, which is just exiting Lake Lehman. On the left, the Arve which has more silt and creates the contrast.

14. Fire rainbows

Neither fire nor a rainbow, these wonderful natural phenomenas are caused by light shining through ice crystals in cirrus clouds.

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