Meet The Watermelon Kids

It’s hot. Especially in China. To beat the heat wave, people are putting their kids in watermelons to cool them down and yes, it is as cute as it sounds. (H/T to Kotaku.)

2. According to Xinhua, the first watermelon kid showed up in Wenzhou

3. And though he wasn’t happy about his new costume at first

4. The sudden change in temperature made him change his mind

6. Some awesome parents have decided to take a different tact and create melon armour

7. And some adults have opted to try out the trend for themselves

9. Of course, it’s not the first time a baby has been thrusted in a watermelon

10. Or that watermelon has been used as clothing

13. But it definitely is the cutest

But if you’re thinking about trying this at home, just remember that though allergies to watermelons are rare, a child’s sensitive skin could have a reaction and a constant, moist environment can cause increased bacteria.

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