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    How To Turn Your Cat Into Totoro

    Could there be a more perfect combination in the world?

    Always wanted your very own Totoro? Well, if you have a cat, then you may well be able to transform your feline friend into the loveable lump. Twitter user @bump_take has created this simple method to create a real, live Totoro... almost.

    Pretty neat, huh? Unsurprisingly, this Japanese tweeter's creation has been retweeted thousands of times and quite right too! It's bloody adorable.

    If, however, you're more of a Catbus kinda person, then don't worry, you can also make the iconic, mutant puss with a little more time, skill and materials.

    Blogger sweet ipomoaea made this kitty cosplay costume for Halloween. I don't know how she managed to keep the cat still long enough to put it on let alone keep it happy while wearing it but I applaud her skill and dedication.

    It really is the purr-fect cat costume

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