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    • newu1333

      romney did not realize when he endorsed mourdock he was that ignorant to say god would approve rape, no one would have have thought of that one. Mourdock is Rep, and Romney is saying he does not uphold what this idio is saying andIam sure is very embarrassed as he is by Atkin; he cannot control the low IQ of others only distance himself from it and hope the voters next time put another republican up to run. This race has already begun and the voters in the states put these men in their places; they need to doabetter job next time; it is not Romney’s fault— think about it. Voters need to ask more in depth questions- asIdo- who would think there are Neandrathals still here among us must less running for public office and fools voted to put them there and in Atkin’s case time and time again. Don’t blame Romney,Imust say in the debates he wasagentleman notabackalley ghetto thug that only knows how to castigate someone else to take attention off themself. Obama constantly deflected and scatologically slung back alley demeaning insults that revealed his true “roots”.

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