The Best YouTube Videos Of 2012

So. Many. Emotions.

It’s been a wonderful year filled with incredible YouTube videos. Let us know some of your favorites!

1. The cutest twins you’ll ever see

2. Kittens watching tennis

3. Tron dancing show

4. Screaming sheep

P.S. I crack up laughing every time I see this.

5. Kristen Bell’s sloth obsession

6. Chaos on a quiet street

7. Frightened kitty

8. Best proposal ever

9. One of the only acceptable Call Me Maybe moments

10. A rant about why MTV doesn’t play music anymore

11. Fireworks fail

12. Surprised red panda

13. Dubstep violin performance

14. The original Sh*t Girls Say

15. Real-life trolling

16. A true depiction of Twilight

17. A woman who does NOT need an iPhone

18. The worst (or best) prank ever

19. Discovering talent

20. Dog freakout

21. Ultimate dog shaming

22. Tear jerker moment

23. DMXmas jam

24. Tipp-Ex Experience

NOTE: Continue on to the next video so you can experience all the different eras.

25. Mario stop motion

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