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    Lindsay's Brawl As Told In "Mean Girls" GIFs

    The night begins in 3...2...1...

    So it all starts when Lindsay goes to see Justin Bieber and The Wanted in concert.

    She has a crush on Max George of The Wanted and she's all:

    Concert's over, let's party!

    So while at the hotel bar, she spots her boy band babe.

    Welp, might as well go drink with the hottie.

    Oops, she's having a little too much alcohol.

    He's over it, so why not chat it up with some other chick?

    Now Lindsay's pissed because she wants the attention.

    She feels really lonely now. This can't be good.

    Her inner voice is encouraging her...

    And then it turns out this chick is a psychic, and offered Lindsay a free reading.


    And Lindsay was all:

    Now the psychic's friend is pissed, and she tells Lindsay that 'Liz and Dick' sucked.


    The bouncers were all:

    Then she gets arrested, and the paparazzi jump with joy.

    And now this girl who got punched in the face is all:

    And the internet is all:

    And now she's out of jail.

    The end.

    GIFs all found via tumblr.

    Also, a recap of last night's events here.

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