Girls On New Year’s Eve

An account of my experience at the bar last night.

The most overrated night in which you drink yourself into oblivion and hate life the next day.

Disclaimer: This obviously does not apply to all females.

2. First, you shop for a ridiculously sparkly outfit.

3. Put some crazy makeup on.

4. Decide which Pinterest hair style to attempt for the evening.

5. Contemplate heels or flats.

“Do I want to look hot or be comfortable? Heels. I’ll just drink enough not to notice the pain.”

6. Invite your friends over to pregame before heading to the bars.

8. Take some really cute group pics.

9. Rally up the girls and head to your New Year’s spot.

10. Order your first drink.

11. Order your fifth drink.

12. Drunk dance.

13. Let everyone know how much you love that song.

15. Getting ready for the countdown.

18. Kiss someone.

19. Or just hug all your friends.

20. Update your obligatory New Year’s status.

21. Drink more.

22. Dance real hard.

23. Take more pictures.

24. Send a drunk text you’ll regret later.

25. Start stumbling everywhere.

26. Realize you’ve had way too many drinks.

27. Leave the bar and say bye to random people you met.

28. Eat way too much food that will have your digestive system hating you.

29. Black out.

30. Wake up with the worst hangover of life.

31. Pray that you didn’t make any stupid decisions last night.

32. Check your text messages and try to figure out who you gave your number to.

33. Tell all your friends about how drunk you were.


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