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A scientific review of the posts I've done thus far. (P.S. Cates: ignore this if you see it.)

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This was my first viral post and it was an incredible accomplishment.

I never anticipated this article going so far, and it was gratifying to publish something that people genuinely enjoyed.

It was relatable to my fellow bakers and crafters alike.

I feel for the people who attempted these deceptively simple crafts and failed miserably. It's not easy being a Pinterest fangirl.

Also, the Co-Founder of Foursquare tweeted about this post and I geeked out a little.

I've never been more happy to write about my favorite grocery store.

It's almost kind of pathetic. Publix is where shopping is a pleasure, and I thought the world deserved to know.

And some people even thought it was a paid ad.

Spoiler alert: it's not, I'm just obsessed.

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