15 Movies To Watch In October

This is the best month of the year. Costumes, candy, and all your favorite Halloween (mostly nostalgic) movies.

Below is a collection of incredibly awesome movies appropriate for October. Now go home and watch these on Netflix or something. Maybe some of you still have the original VHS. Either way, treat yourself to the greatest night ever.

2. 1. Hocus Pocus

This is easily the best Halloween movie ever created. You just can’t go wrong with Bette Midler.

3. 2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s greatest work. Let’s be real. Also, the music is FANTASTIC.

4. 3. Coraline

Really creepy concept. Really fun to watch. ‘Button’ down and watch this film.

(See what I did there… okay, sorry)

5. 4. Harry Potter

Okay really, Harry Potter is perfect for any time of the year because it’s Harry Potter. But just watch all 8 movies anyway.

6. 5. Casper

Reasons to love Casper:

1. Bill Pullman
2. Devon Sawa

7. 6. Beetlejuice


8. 7. Goonies

If you have to ask why this is on the list, you haven’t seen Goonies. And I feel sorry for you.

9. 8. Edward Scissorhands

Bless you, Johnny Depp.

10. 9. Batman Forever

Make fun all you want, but you know you secretly enjoyed this movie when you were a kid.

11. 10. Practical Magic

Magic + witches = Halloween.

12. 11. The Addams Family


13. 12. Frankenweenie

LOVED IT. See it.

14. 13. Monster’s Inc.


15. 14. Ghostbusters

Bill Murray.

16. 15. Goosebumps

Any Goosebumps movie. Time to relive your childhood, folks.

17. BONUS:

18. Twilight

Just kidding. This is probably the worst movie you could see during October. Or ever.

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