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    DC Isn’t A State — But It Might Become One Sooner Than You Think

    “It really wasn’t that long ago that I think most people thought of it as a very fringe issue, so the fact that it even got as many Democratic cosponsors as it did before it passed is a massive historic deal.”

    The date: June 29! The time: News O'Clock!

    Listen above to today's News O'Clock podcast, as we explain the big news from over the weekend: Russia reportedly offered a cash bounty to Taliban-linked militants to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan — and, according to US intelligence, they may have succeeded.

    Also we explain how the US saw yet another record-high day of reported COVID-19 cases yesterday, making it five days in a row. The new record number is 40,587 across the country.

    Plus hear how just this morning, the Supreme Court decided that Louisiana’s limits on abortion clinics are unconstitutional in a 5–4 ruling.

    Then, Scaachi Koul explains why Netflix’s 365 Days, is, uh, bad. Like, really bad.

    And finally we’ve got Meagan Hatcher-Mays, director of democracy policy with the Indivisible Project, with us to give us the rundown on the push to make Washington, DC, into state number fifty-one.

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