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    Podcast: How Trump Won By Losing At The Supreme Court

    “He has tried to keep his tax returns secret, and they will remain secret for the time being. So in that sense, it’s a win for him.”

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    On today's episode of News O'Clock, we discuss:

    1. The World Health Organization is now saying the coronavirus can be transmitted in the air.

    2. President Donald Trump is lagging behind former vice president Joe Biden in major polls right now, even as he tries to rally his base ahead of November.

    3. ICE is preparing to launch a training program that critics say could lead to racial profiling, surveillance, and violence.

    4. People starting to boycott Goya products after the company’s president said the US is “blessed” to have Trump as president.

    5. The search for former Glee star Naya Rivera continues; newly released security footage from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office shows her and her son renting a boat just hours before she went missing.

    We're also joined by BuzzFeed News courts reporter Zoe Tillman, who breaks down yesterday's big Supreme Court decisions on Trump's taxes and what it all means for the presidential election.

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    President Donald Trump

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