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    Listen: These Are The Stories Behind The TikToks That Got Us Through 2020

    “This felt like a year where the memes were a lot weirder and darker. They were really funny but had some strange origins.”

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    A grinning man sits in a pickup truck's bed, holding a skateboard and surrounded by bottles of cranberry juice

    On today's episode:

    1. Attorney General Bill Barr resigned.

    2. The Electoral College tallied its votes. Spoiler alert: Joe Biden won. Again.

    3. Lizzo is asking us to please just let her do her juice cleanse in peace.

    Lizzo wears a brightly colored dress and holds a tiny purse with both hands

    4. We learned a lot about Gal Gadot on her Tonight Show appearance last night. Mainly that the actor has never eaten Taco Bell.

    Gal Gadot smiles in front of a red-laced curtain

    5. AND we’re joined by BuzzFeed News’ Julia Reinstein to talk about the memes that got us through 2020.

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