When A Karen Stops Being A Meme And Starts Being A Threat

    After a racist confrontation in Central Park went viral, the New Yorker’s Jelani Cobb talks about the way the police are weaponized against black people.

    The date... May 26! The time... News O'Clock!

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    A senior official is set to bring down the British government for the crime of violating COVID-19 lockdown to [checks notes] visit his parents.

    Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat had A LOT to apologize for this weekend, but uh...they didn't do that great at it!

    And Chris Evans almost turned down Captain America due to anxiety. Honestly, we're right there with you Chris.

    Also after a video of a racist confrontation in Central Park went viral, we spoke to Jelani Cobb, staff writer at The New Yorker, about the way the police can be weaponized against black people.

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