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    Listen: Kendall Jenner Had A Huge Maskless Party, And Dr. David Langer Is Disappointed

    “If you have 400 people, and one person is infected, it can become a superspreader.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’re recapping a wild weekend of Trump rallies, with some supporters abandoned for hours in the cold, and others running amok on our nation’s interstates.

    2. In North Carolina, a march to promote early voting ended with several arrests and reports of children being pepper-sprayed by police.

    3. John Mulaney hosted SNL for the fourth time, and while there was a great musical number, one monologue joke hit a sour note.

    4. Beyoncé is opening up about what it’s like being a mom of three during the pandemicsome of it is very relatable. Some of it: not at all relatable.

    5. And Dr. David Langer, star of the Netflix series Lenox Hill, shares his takes on the surge of COVID-19 cases, Thanksgiving travel, and Kendall Jenner’s maskless Halloween party.

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